In the 1980's I would Paint Portraits in Charcoal, Pastel and Oils, doing commissions from the center of a mall in Minneapolis,  Like an Oasis to all the Lonely People who would spend their days roaming, I listened and led many to the lord, one day I was commissioned to do a large devotional portrait of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for a Parish, At the time I was a Protestant, and did not recall my 12 years growing up in Catholic Schools, but I found a Holy Card and brought it to life. They had wanted me to do a Commission of the sacred heart of Mary, But it never happened, I had moved on, doing 16 plate images for the Bradford exchange, of children in Victorian/lacey settings, then moved on to do 7 dolls for ashton drake galleries, and 8 Victorian house designs for hawthorne architectural structures, all the time still creating portraits for clients, Limited edition prints and one of a kind dolls for my own business, Heirloom limited, while being a wife to a pilot for nwa, and raising my son and 2 step children, very active in our church, with bible studies, and women's ministries, Special feature chairman for the Christian Womens club, traveling all over Europe with my husband and just a very busy time on the lake with friends and family. Life moved on and there were many changes, one is that 12 years ago quite by surprise I returned to the catholic church. began going to daily mass and studying the lives of the saints, astonished by all I found in miracles of the eucharist and incorrupt bodies of many of the saints,  Ever increasing desire for times of adoration before the blessed sacrament, and just a desire to express creatively, improvising da vinci, William bougereau, and works of Fredrick lord Leighton, moving to painting these huge paintings of my own of the holy family, Madonna and child, the originals cover the walls of my apartment, especially one of the Last supper which is the size of an entire wall, and now sculpting almost life size santos, I believe those many years ago the image of the sacred heart of jesus which is in a chapel somewhere, drew me back to my love of the catholic church through those who gaze upon it while in adoration or at mass. I must mention David barr whose music is playing in the back ground, David was a dear friend and impacted my life in the 80s as our worship leader, I have carried this in my heart all these years, and it has taken me above in the spirit to heavenly places, when the world I faced about me was lonely and cruel, I am forever grateful for his impartation in my life! He was unforgettable to me!                                                          I was able to acquire and import wonderful replicated Santo's crowns and ex voto sacred heart's, that will be offered through the website

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Holy Card early 1900's

David Barr when he Wrote and Sang & Produced his Cassette The Psalmist

David Barr went Home to be with the Lord in 2003 He will be forever Missed!

This Oil on Velvet by Corinne Layton

Chambers Painting Early 1900's

Song Performed by David Barr,       Written by Rick Riso

These 3 Sacred Heart of Mary Paintings, in Progress Finally!                by Corinne Layton

Saint Isabeau Santos by me

I hope you will enjoy the newest pages, as it all comes together, Antiques, Vintage style paintings, tapestry style banners, my life size sculpy santos, and of course the wonderful French Replicated Santos Crowns and Ex Voto Sacred Heart Reliquaries, while they last, I have a limited supply,  just click for the cart part of the website, and as catagories are added, the listing titles above! On this page I am giving you a glimpse of Saint Isabeau my first almost Full size Santos, in her crowns, and Antique Napolean Hat! She is sculpy with masterpiece eyes, and a collection of antique lace, One of this Hot Summer sculpture and Painting. There are also many new items for the Paris Posh Frippery website pages! I have been very prolific! Enjoying my Time each day to Create, I have never studied Art, It has come to me through my lifetime as a Treasured Gift from the Lord, that I Cherish!       Sincerely   Corinne Layton