When I Look into Your Holiness is an Integrity Worship Song from the Late 80's from Monthly Integrity Cassettes I received, David Barr had introduced these to me, back then, when they 1st began, I have all of them. They have forever Changed my Life. In times of Solitude, I learned the Power of Internalizing Worship. When I so wanted to be part of the Choir back then, But Lord I have a good voice! The Lord told me my Worship would come through my Hands in Painting & Sculpting, & Indeed it Has, all of these years, as a Natural Holy Spirit Impartation, I didn't have the opportunity to attend Art College, was only able to pencil simple Portraits, What manifested creatively over these many  years, Has been Miraculous. Thank You Jesus! I am Forever Grateful! Some Samples. through the Years  I sepia their color for Protection of my copyrighted  Artwork for this particular Page. Canvas Prints, Santos Crowns & Ex Votos are available at my main Website Click this link to take you there!    Corinne Layton

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