David Ministering in India

Davids Ministry Trips to New Delhi India Where the Crowns & Sacred Hearts are Imported from.

We Would See Jesus

David's Dad

Corinne Layton

From the Journal of David Barr in Israel, one month before he went home to be with the Lord, suddenly  from a massive heart attack at 47, such a Loss!

Written & Performed by David Barr with Bobby Petterson on Saxophone

Dave & Mary Ann Barr

My Message Is as a Catholic now; That the Youth and All would come to know ;  Jesus is Fully Present in the Eucharist of the Mass!

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      We Would See Jesus                                  Another Praise Song by our Worship Leader in the Early 80's David Barr, who Passed Away in 2003 I felt He should not have been Forgotten! One of the Pioneers of the Great Worship Leaders in our Churches During that time till now! Through this, he is now Leading Worship from the Heavenlies to all of the USA and Europe! Be sure to listen with your headset, of all the songs on these pages, for full effect! as I converted this from a Cassette to MP3!  A Tribute and Thankyou  for all the lives that were impacted by his Ministry! Also Thank you to Mary Ann, Dave's Wife, who Passed Away in 2012, They will always be Missed! Awesome servants of God!              Praise You Jesus!!!

Oil on Velvet by Corinne Layton

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