David Ministering in India where the Crowns & Sacred Hearts are Imported from.

Corinne Layton

Corinne Layton

                                 Within the Veil                                   Old Testament Ark of the Covenant & New Testament Fullfillment when the Veil was rent in two from Top to Bottom, when Jesus Died on Calvary, Exposing the Holy Place, Within the Veil to All, Jew & Gentile, Yeshua Hamashiach!   Jesus is the Messiah!

Written & Performed by David Barr

                                 Within the Veil.

This Page is Dedicated to what I have come to find of the meaning , of the Title, of my favorite song by The Psalmist, Within the Veil, by my friend & Our Worship Leader in the early 80's, David Barr, who Passed Away in 2003 & his wife Mary Ann in 2012  They will both be forever Missed! This is from his Tape from 1986 Also Titled The Psalmist. The other Images are of my Painting of Jesus, The Blessed Sacrament in Adoration. The Santos Crowns and Sacred Hearts Ex Voto's are available at my Website in Limited supply, The CD's  are now Available at my Etsy Shop if interested, You will Love all the Songs. Just Click this Link

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