David Barr when he Wrote, Sang & Produced the Songs on these Pages

I Pray when my time comes, that Our Lord will find my life worthy because of His Sacrament of Absolution & Sacrifice at Calvary! Corinne Layton 2018

Santos Crowns Ex Votos Vintage

David & Mary Ann Barr.

  • The Eyes of the Lord3:42

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is Pleased to Introduce the Brocante Line of French Sacred Timeworn Treasures;   Reminiscent of the 1700's When Heirloom Santos and Statues of Mary, were adorned with Crowns and ExVoto Sacred Hearts.  They were carried in Processions, throughout the Villages of France and Italy, in Thanksgiving for Miracles, and Our Lord's Divine Love for Humanity.Vintage French StyleSantos Crowns Replicated, Draped and Adorned in Patina Bronze and Old Gold with Rhinestones & Ex Voto Vintage Sacred Hearts, of Mother of Pearl  with Secret Reliquary Compartments,  also Original Tapestry Paintings and Santos by Corinne Layton   Now Available for your own Santos, Statues or Home D├ęcor to recreate Holy and Sacred Places in Your Heart's and Homes! click this link for more information and cart; http://www.vintagefrenchstyle.com  Also available at my Etsy Shop RomanceinParisThe song is Titled *Holy is the Lord *  written and Performed as Our Worship Leader, A Dear Friend who Passed Away in 2003 David Barr